Staying Connected #39

Here are some of Donna’s pre-Christmas creations, in her self-described “whirlwind of sewing!” Lots of ideas for year-round sewing.

Dog blanket

This is a great pattern. Self mitred. Takes no time to do. Good for baby blanket.

It is for my grandson’s favourite dog cousin for Christmas.

Cat grocery bag

My aunt is a major cat person. This was for her 80th birthday. She loves it and says people always remark on it at the grocery store.

Snowmen placemats

Set of 6 snowmen placemats for my grandson’s teacher. My son-in-law wanted to know where theirs were, so he is getting 4 for Christmas.

Mug rugs or hot pads

Found this pattern in an old magazine. I double insulated them so they could be used on the table as a hot pad.

I made about 10 for friends and for the Parkgate Senior Crafters to sell.

I used decorative stitches with gold thread to add lights to the tree.

Carola’s tea bag

I have made at least 10 of these for friends and Parkgate.

My daughter loves her Japanese one so I made her a new one out of Bali print for Christmas.

And more …

Many thanks to Donna for sharing these creative projects.

These beautiful birds were spotted in the garden recently. Curiously, they stuck around for quite some time, showing off their beautiful plumage.

This bird of many colours is a Northern Flicker, a member of the woodpecker family.

This handsome bird is most likely a Merlin, a small species of falcon, a first ever sighting in my backyard. Its piercing eyes and eagle-like talons gave it away as a bird of prey.

And this is a gathering of festive crows spotted in the neighbourhood.

Last year is done, and a new year begun.
Here’s to calm and kind ways,
Hope and strength and better days.

Happy New Year!

Photo Credits: Backyard bird photos by M. Stringer. December 2020.