Staying Connected #37 – Twelve Blocks of Christmas

In November, the Programme/Workshops Committee organized a Christmas Block Exchange. Members made a block for another member and sent it to them with a Christmas greeting.

Here are some of the lovely blocks that arrived in mailboxes.

Received by Judy P …

Received by Diane … I received this block from Arlene T and found I had just enough of that thermal batting to make a nice large hot pad for the table centre. Hopefully by Christmas time we may be able to have someone over.

Received by Lorna … I made a little cosmetic bag out of the lovely square that I received.

Received by Anne W … Here’s my lovely square from Chelan. (12.5 x 12.5).

Received by Yoskyl … Here is my Christmas block project, made by Linda D. She very kindly made me a second block for the back of the potholder, after asking me if I had any projects in mind.

Received by Kathryn … Here is the beautiful block I received from Eleanor in the Christmas block exchange.

Received by Arlene T … Here’s the block that Kathryn made for me!

Received by Judy S … Thank you to Chris for sending me this block and the pattern for making it. It is a disappearing four-patch, cut on the diagonal. It is sitting on a pillow to show it off, but it will be part of its own pillow!

Received by Sonia B … Here is the Christmas block I received, made by Barb M.

Received by Donna … I am going to add a border and make a pillow. I have the perfect size pillow form all ready to go. This Christmas square is perfect and I love it. Thank you, Lorna, and Merry Christmas to all.

Received by Chris …

Received by Sonja S … This is the lovely block I got from Deb … it will be part of a new table runner that the block inspired.

Thank you to Judy P, Diane, Lorna, Anne W, Yoskyl, Kathryn, Arlene T, Sonia, Donna, Chris, and Sonja for sharing the Christmas blocks they received.

Thanks to our hardworking Programme Committee – Barb, Marilyn, and Les – for organizing this activity for us.

And kind thoughts for our essential postal workers, inside and out, who delivered these blocks to our homes!

Neighbourhood Connections …