A Textile Tour to Morocco

map-of-morocco-worldtlasWe started off our quilting year with a presentation by three of our members.

Bev D, Ilse and Isabelle J went to Morocco last fall on a textile tour.  We were taken into another world.  Their photos, videos, stories and souvenirs introduced us to the crafts and fabrics of Morocco, as well as its culture and landscapes.  We saw images of silk thread from the agave plant, the pouring ritual of mint tea, craft cooperatives and marketplaces, the street life, and the exotic architecture of this North African country.

Thanks to these three adventurous travellers for their presentation and to Bev D for sharing the beautiful photographs below and the text to go with them in this post.

(music: Olodum by Jesse Cook)


The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.  It is the second largest in the world.


The Riad Salam where we stayed in Fez.


One of the narrow walkways in the Fez Medina.  The donkey is used to transport hides to the tannery inside the Medina.


Our camel ride to our night on the desert.


The Assalam Cooperative where the women make rugs, embroider and do many crafts to support themselves.


A quilter’s dream, wall to wall fabrics – silk and cotton.


Lunch at the home of our hosts at the Cooperative.


Ait Ben Haddou is a very old village perched on a large hill.  Originally inhabited by Jews and Berbers.  Now only ten families left.


One of the many looms we saw making beautiful carpets, bed coverings, pillow covers, etc.


Walking through the Essaquira medina.  Beautiful silk items which were hard to resist.

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  1. What a great trip to do with textile friends…it’s now in my future. Loved the photography. Thanks for being such great sports and sharing with us

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