Sharon Pederson Trunk Show

Sharon Pederson

Sharon Pederson presented her trunk show “Stories from the Road” at our April meeting.  Sharon described herself as a traditional quilter, not an art quilter.  She was hooked by quilting from the start and went on to pursue special interests in reversible quilts, sashiko stitching, machine appliqué, colour, and machine embroidery.

Friends and other quilters encouraged her to write a book about reversible quilts, and it was a hit.  More books, related quilting products, presentations, and travel followed over the years.  Sharon shared her experiences as an author in the world of quilting publications and showed us quilts of amazing design and detail.

Sharon brought a quilt close to her heart.  It is called “Roses of Remembrance” and it was created by Sharon in memory of her father.  The Electric Quilt Company, fabric companies, machine quilters and others contributed in various ways to the making of this quilt, which raised funds for the Alzheimer’s Society.  A miniature version of this quilt shown below was made by another quilter.

Sharon retired from the quilting world a few years ago, so we were fortunate to hear her stories and see her quilts at our April meeting.  Read an interview here describing Sharon’s beginnings as a quilter and her sources of inspiration.

Click on the photos below for a full appreciation of Sharon’s talent for designing and creating with fabric and thread.