Web Woman Wanders

As many of you know a few of our members have been travelling in Europe for the last few weeks.  I was one of them.

I did come across two quilt shops in Amsterdam that were next door to each other
Den Haan & Wagenmakers which specializes in reproduction fabrics, specifically antique Dutch chintzes, and
Birdblocks which had notions and a variety of fabrics with many bright, colourful prints.

Otherwise I did not pass by many fabric shops but I did keep an eye out for quilt designs in what we saw so here are just a few pictures of those observations.

painted on a castle wall in Prague  sidewalk
Tromp d’oeil on a castle wall and one of many different designs in the sidewalk pavers in Prague

Quilt design
Design in a mosaic floor in a church in Budapest
Spiral staircase
Spiral staircase in a monastery in Melk on the Danube River

I thought of Helen Fujiki and her Japanese manhole covers and took a few pictures including these:

Manhole cover   Manhole cover

There was design inspiration everywhere and I tried to be observant as we have been advised to be by a few of our latest guest speakers at the guild meetings.