What an interesting meeting!  Anne’s excellent talk on Quilts in the Underground Railroad did not dispell the myth but it did give us a better understanding of the possible code.

Anne’s references:

  • Burns, Eleanor, & Bouchard, Sue. Underground Railroad Sampler.  Quilt in a Day, California, 2003
  • Rubin, Stella.  How to Compare and Value American Quilts. Opus Publishing Group, London, 2001
  • Tobin, Jacqueline, & Dobard, Raymond.  Hidden in Plain View. Anchor Books, New York, 2000
  • New Pathways into Quilt History — a website that explores quilt history including links on the dispute that quilts were ever used in the Underground Railway
  • Quiltbus.com — a source for free quilt patterns

Here is the NVDPL list of books on the Underground Railroad.

Have you read a book, fiction or non-fiction, on the Underground Railroad?