Pet Beds – A Community Quilts Project 2021

In March 2021, Community Quilts introduced a new project to make pet beds for dogs and cats waiting for adoption at the West Vancouver SPCA. Pet beds for cats go with them to their new home.


  • Pet beds must be sturdy enough to handle laundering and pet love, but should be cushy, too.
  • Good options for batting are polyester or micro-fleece. Do not use small bits and pieces of fabric for filling as it may become matted or take too long to to dry.
  • Binding is not necessary. Pet beds can be constructed envelope/pillowcase-style.


For cats: Pet Beds for cardboard boxes called Hide and Perch boxes, which have a bed on top and one inside.

Preferred size: 22″ x 16″, not too plush, that can be folded in half to make it a bit squishier.

Alternatively, a plush pet bed 11″ x 16″ will work.

Also for cats: Pet Beds to sit on shelves that measure 13.5″ x 32″. (In the photo, coverings have been laid over some of the spaces, for fearful cats.)

For dogs: Pet Beds for “kurunda” beds that measure 25″ x 39″.

A plush pet bed 25″ x 39″ is great.

Or a less plush bed 50″ x 39″, that can be folded in half, is fine.

Examples of Pet Beds: