Stack’n’Whack Workshop

Our workshop was a hit! What a variety of colour choices!

We sewed all day and everyone managed to do at least a couple blocks.  The process and the results were interesting.  We had to be careful with cutting and assembling then each block was different.  Kerry and her three helpers kept us on the right track.  They were even known to do a bit of unsewing.

Stack n Whack Workshop 1    S n W helpers  

Stack n Whack 2

We were pleased with the results –

Stack n Whack 3

Thank you, Kerry




Gail Hunt Workshop

Great day with Gail Hunt!

The morning was spent creating a background.  In the afternoon we learned how to make confetti and apply it to create the landscape.

The little piles are the palette of colours that are carefully applied to the background.
Gail HuntGail Hunt making confetti

Some of the participants were already applying confetti and net to their landscapes by the end of the workshop.  I do know at least one person who has been busy doing a few “nee, nee, nee’s” (one of Gail’s machine quilting stitches) on her machine at home.

A few of the landscape quilts Gail had on display for future inspiration:

Robert Service Cabin

Tree and Border Detail

Note the borders!  We have been talking about borders for the last few months and here are a few different ones.

Thank you, Gail, for expanding our horizons.

September 28th Workshops

Workshop notes from Ellen F. –

Leaf Printing – Hatti Hunter taught us how to print fabric using craft paint and leaves collected from our gardens.  We were inspired by Hatti’s beautiful samples including: a queen-sized quilt, a vest, wall hangings, placemats, coasters, trivets, and stationery.

How Should I Quilt This? – Kirsten Yee inspired all of us with her collection of samples showing different quilting designs.  Ater her talk she gave each participant ideas as to how they could quilt the poject that they brought to the class.  There are certainly many ways to quilt a project!



How does your garden grow?  Carefully with colour and in hexagons.

Susan Purney Mark shared her system for creating scenes.


We had great fun choosing fabrics, cutting hexagons, and cutting more hexagons





Then arranging them to create our own scenes.  Everyone’s was different – amazing!




Visit Susan’s website at  Susan Purney Mark



Our workshop is over and I think we may have a few quilts to show at the upcoming meeting.  Carol is such a patient teacher and always had constructive comments to help with the colour and design questions that came up as we made our quilts.

Carol helping with placement


The workshop was intense so we had to take a breather.