Marianne Haak Workshop – Playing with Colour & Technique

Marianne Haak led her Colour Shot Quilt-As You-Go Workshop for our guild in September.  Over two days, we learned the construction secrets behind her Colour Shot quilt.  She taught us several techniques for making the blocks.  The blocks are sandwiched and quilted individually, and we learned how to join them together afterwards. It was great fun building our blocks in a more free-wheeling … Continue reading Marianne Haak Workshop – Playing with Colour & Technique

Karen Johnson Workshop

Karen Johnson is a textile artist and an instructor with the Fibre Art Network.  She taught a workshop for the guild on April 13 called "Textured Backgrounds" where we learned several methods for creating interesting visually textured backgrounds for art quilts. These backgrounds are made from two or more fabrics.  They can be woven, assembled with … Continue reading Karen Johnson Workshop

All Things Indigo with Anita Jamieson

At our January meeting, Anita Jamieson took us into the world of Japanese textiles with her presentation “All Things Indigo and a Japanese Angle on Quilting.”  Anita is a member of the Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild. In 2014 she attended a workshop in Japan given by Bryan Whitehead, a transplanted Canadian who lives in an … Continue reading All Things Indigo with Anita Jamieson

Krista Hennebury Workshop – A Recipe for Modern

Choose your colour ingredients.  Use a few traditional techniques.  Add lots of innovative cutting and improvised piecing.  Spice it up with your own creativity, and you have a recipe for a modern quilt. Krista’s workshop, “Improv Under the Influence,” was a lot of fun.  We learned how to make a quilt that Krista designed and called … Continue reading Krista Hennebury Workshop – A Recipe for Modern

Lorna Moffat Workshop – Silk Unraveled

Marilyn C On April 23rd several of our members attended our "Silk Unraveled" workshop with Lorna Moffat.  Lorna shared some of her favourite techniques for building a background or for embellishment. We were encouraged to layer threads and bits of fabrics onto a larger pieces of fabric. We were encouraged to let go and play! … Continue reading Lorna Moffat Workshop – Silk Unraveled