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Show and Tell from the November 10 Zoom Meeting

October 2021

My Hallowe’en Dresden Village … finished! (Lions Gate Quilters Guild Workshop)

Linda D, October 2021

Wheelchair quilts … made the top of the lighter one while watching the Zoom Seymour meeting last Wednesday.

Diane, October 2021

Here are two quilts I just finished.

The colour wheel one I made in the last Lions Gate Quilters Guild workshop with Michelle Tade Blanton. She has permission from Kim Lapacek to teach this method of doing the Dresden Plate pattern. Then I decided to do a Halloween one for my youngest, 8-year-old, granddaughter. It’s such a fun and pretty fast project.

Anne W, October 2021

This is a king quilt I just finished after collecting black and red textured and cotton fabrics for the last 15 years.  This summer I finally began playing with them after a quilt-as-you-go workshop that showed me a smart way to put them together in 30-inch squares. I wish I had made a better back but I was using only material in my stash.  Back to regular lap and couch type quilts.  No more kings.

Diane, October 2021

Made a Hallowe’en pillow case for my grand Aiden and a table runner for my niece.

Linda R, October 2021

September 2021

This is a quilt I made for a young woman named Teagan who lives in New Zealand. In the year 2000 my daughter spent a year in New Zealand as an exchange teacher teaching kindergarten and Teagan was a five year old child in her class. While there she became good friends with Teagan’s mother and the friendship has continued over the years.

When my daughter was married in 2005, this family came to the wedding in Mexico. They also visited us back here in Vancouver. Teagan was married this spring and her mother asked me to make a small quilt for her. The suggested colours were pink and green. These are not colours that I am used to using and found it difficult to think of something to do. Then I saw a butterfly quilt at the Cloth Shop on Granville Island and that was the inspiration for this quilt.

Elaine, September 2021

Inspired by Sally Manke, Autumn 2019 Art Quilting Studio magazine. Derwent inkpencils, thread painting. Good practice piece, not too large. Really messed up the binding and I am not sure why. More practice required. I used fabric from IKEA curtains that were really thick, rather like canvas. Batting was just scraps.

Maureen, September 2021

An “Eye Spy” quilt I made for Community Quilts, all made from the huge bin of fabric that Linda F keeps for exactly that!

Linda gave me a quilt pattern which I followed, and continued to use to make the backing a little more interesting.

The quilt measures about 37 x 48 inches. Hope it finds a lovely home for a little person in the future.

Janet, September 2021

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