Grow-a-Quilt 2021 – Step 6 – Circle Blocks

You decide:

  • Do you want to use quarter, half, or full circles? A mix?
  • Set in circles or appliqué?
  • If appliqué then iron-on, rough edge, or needle turn?
  • Circles only at the corners?
  • Does your quilt need a bit of breathing space? Do you need a blank area before the circle row?  Or, as part of the circle row?

Marilyn’s hints when making full circles, semi-circles, or, quarter circles:

  • For a full circle cut the circle 1” bigger than the hole.   Cut it ½” bigger for the quarter circle.
  • My favourite method is to use the “Cut a Round” Ruler which has slots in ½” increments.
  • Make folds at the halfway points and clip.  Put one pin or match as you sew.
  • I put the circle down and hold the background in my hand while sewing. 
  • Use the quarter inch foot to sew.
  • A note – the quarter circle is a component of the Drunkard’s Path quilt block.

Helpful links for set-in circles:

Iron-on applique:

  • Jenny Doan makes a Cheerio Quilt in this video – note the iron-on appliqué circles
  • The Crafts Channel – Perfect Applique Circles .  Instead of the fusible used in this Australian video you can use Steam a Seam 2 lite.  There is also a good explanation of hiding the join in topstitching a complete circle.

Needle Turn Applique:

  • Fons & Porter staff explain needle turn appliqué in this video –

Happy Quilting,

Marilyn C

Step 6 – Circle Blocks – PDF Version

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