Community Quilt Projects 2018

We have two new projects for the Fall and Winter of 2018… one is a people project and one is a furry people project!

Table Mats for Meals on Wheels North Shore

MOW will be handing out place mats with meals delivered during December as a Christmas gift for meal recipients. Although it will be the holiday season, they would prefer non-Christmassy mats. However, you could make it festive one side, and all-season on the other side (reversible). Given the number of people they serve, we are asking that members make two mats – they need not be identical, the idea being you can use up scraps of fabric.

Pattern: there is no pattern… feel free to use your creativity, try a new style or block or quilting method… pick something that makes you happy to make and give! You can use batting or flannel as your middle layer.
Size: around 12″ X 16″
Deadline: our November meeting, please.
No labels are required

Looking for inspiration? Try this page on, or these ideas on Or email me some of your favourite patterns, and I’ll post them here!

Pet Beds, Cage Comforters and Quilts for Shelter Animals

In our ongoing effort to use up every little scrap of fabric and/or batting (!), our other project for the remainder of 2018 will be these much needed items. They will be donated to the District of North Van Animal Shelter and the BC SPCA in West Van. The idea being that, when a pet is adopted, their quilt goes with them to their furever home.

You have some choices here:

Cage comforters and quilt/blankies: animals in the shelters come in all sizes… from cats and kittens to little dogs, like Barb Mortell’s 5 lb boy Buster (on the left with his quilt)… to big dogs like mine, His Royal Cuteness Yukon, who weighs 130 lbs! This is a great way to use up flannel and fleece left over from other projects, too. If you have an old blanket that has seen better days, you could use that as backing or batting. Whatever you make must be fully washable in hot water and colourfast, please. Machine binding is preferred, or pillowcasing (no binding).

Pet beds: you know that bin of fabric and other scraps truly too small to use, even in a Wonky Star quilt a la Dougal Walker? Here’s a great way to use them in a pet bed.

These quilts/beds will also be eligible for draw prizes.

In addition, the shelters will also accept old blankets and towels (no holes, please), which I will collect at meetings and deliver to the shelters.

As a big “THANKS!” to all who deliver completed table mats or pet quilts, three prizes will be drawn at our December luncheon.

If you have any questions, please contact me (Penny).