Community Quilts 2018

Members of Seymour Quilters Guild make and donate quilts to a variety of organizations and people in need throughout the year.

In October, Marilyn C and Les O visited the Legion in Lynn Valley to donate a quilt on behalf of the guild. Read the full story here2018 Q to legion

Fall Community Quilts day:
Wednesday, November 14th 9 am – 3 pm (@ Gloria Dei)

The day will be slightly different to what I believe is the usual CQ day. We have plenty of kits both with- and without patterns, so it would seem we don’t need to make any more for now. So at the CQ day, members can collect a kit to work at the Community Quilts day or bring their table mat and pet quilt projects. If you wish to team up with others, one person could cut, another sew and another quilt/bind (you get the idea). Some of the “kits” are not cut – they simply comprise fabrics selected for a quilt. You get to choose what you’d like to work on and how to go about it! Sign up will be at the October meeting.

You’ll need to bring everything you need, including your machine, rulers, rotary cutter, fabric etc etc. Plus lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided. There will be a limited amount of smaller cuts of fabric and batting from our stash to pick through to make pet quilts and place mats, however, you should bring whatever you are planning to use for your project. Feel free to stop by even if you don’t stay the whole day. PS Don’t forget to bring your creativity and inspiration!

Fall and Winter Projects for 2018

For our people project, we’re making place mats for North Shore Meals on Wheels, to be given as gifts to meal recipients in December. And for our furry people project, we’re making pet quilts, cage comforter and beds for District of North Van Shelter and BC SPCA West Vancouver, the idea being when animals get adopted, they take their quilts with them to their furever homes. Every donation will go into a draw for a surprise at our December luncheon. For full information about these projects, click here!

Spring 2018 Project: 30″ X 36″ wheelchair quilts:
42 made by members between March and June!

Many people find themselves confined to a wheelchair and in care. This life-altering event can be incredibly difficult for both them and their families. We hope our quilts bring some small measure of comfort and warmth to those who receive them. As a token of appreciation to all who delivered a completed wheelchair quilt, a draw was held at our luncheon on June 20th and three members won prizes. If you haven’t yet finished your wheelchair quilt, feel free to bring it to a Guild meeting.

To read about our projects for Fall and Winter, click here!

Other Quilt sizes for Donation

There is also often a need for twin-sized quilts. If you wish to make a quilt for donation, and are willing to go a little bigger, feel free to make something you  are inspired to create.

Look out for a Community Quilt table at our monthly meetings. Ideas and suggestions are welcome! Please call or email me, Penny N, with regards Community Quilts.

“Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love.”