October 2018 – Arc of Geese

Congratulations to Marilyn for winning the Pumpkin Blocks in the lotto.

Thank you to everyone who made wall hangings and brought them to show.


For the October block we have another way to make geese, that is, by paper piecing.  This month’s block has three geese arranged in an arc.  It will be an opportunity to use up scraps of Christmas prints of red and green and a light tone-on-tone or print for the background.
samples by Marilyn and Lorna

The pattern is from the Internet at Piece by Number in the Free Patterns, Geometric Blocks.


  • 3 scraps of red and green Christmas fabrics about 4 1/2″ square
  • scraps to total about 9″ x 16″ of light background


Print the pattern from the Piece by Number website or here.

  • Important:
  • make sure that your printer is set to print the page in full size / actual size / 100% size.  At the bottom of the printed page there is a 1″ line to check the size.
  • For the lotto print the clockwise rotation

Lay your piece for the first goose right side up on the wrong side of the paper pattern.  In the picture I held it against a lampshade with the light on and checked that the piece was larger than the goose plus seams.

Pin in place on the paper side.  You are pinning shape number 1.

Fold back the paper along the line between numbers 1 and 2.  I folded against my ruler.

Lay a scrap right side up on your table and place the goose on it.  Peek under to see that your scrap is larger that shape number 2 plus seams.

Unfold the paper.  Repin your pin on piece #1 so that it goes through the scrap that will be piece #2 as well.

Set your stitch length shorter, for example, 2 on a Bernina or Pfaff.
Sew along the line between piece #1 and piece #2 – extending and backstitching on each end.

Trim to a 1/4″ seam.

Press open.

Pin through piece #2 on the paper side.  Note that the pattern labels each piece as background or goose right under the number.

Fold, check that piece #3 is large enough.  You may have to tear the paper around your backstitching, I found it helped to put my finger on the backstitching.

Pin and sew the next seam.

Refold to trim the seam.  In this picture I used that 1/4″ ruler!  It was at Lorna’s suggestion, I had never used it and it worked very well.

Pin piece #3 in place and repeat the steps.

Fold back, check for coverage of next piece, unfold and pin, sew, trim seam, press.

Fold back, check, unfold and pin, sew, trim, press.  Repeat until you have completed the pattern.  Trim the outside seam so that the black line is still there.

Turn over and admire.


Happy Quilting,

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