January 2018 – Hourglass Block

Thanks to everyone who made blocks and congratulations to Ann W who won 14 Star Blocks.  Have fun with them Anne.

This month we are going back to half square triangles.  We will be making a very simple block made with two large squares of fabric.

You will need two 10″ squares to make one pair of identical blocks.  If you wish to mix the prints in the block you would need to make two sets, that is, with two white squares and two squares of different prints with red.

Check out the Relevant Websites below for YouTube directions and online tutorials.  The following directions are for one pair of identical blocks.


1 – 10″ white square
1 – 10″ square in a print with red in it


Using the two 10″ squares make a pair of HST’s.  Remember that you can do this by drawing a line diagonally on the white square then sewing seams on each side of the line.


Cut along the line and you will have two HST blocks.  Press to the print side.

Lay one HST block on top of the other, right sides together, and such that the print half is on top of the white triangle and the white half is on top of the print triangle.  Hint: you can feel along the seam to help it “nest” with the seam below.

Draw a line diagonally again – sew on either side of the line – and cut again.


Open the HST and voilà – an Hourglass block!  By all means trim off the dog-ears but please do not trim the size of the block.  The block will be about 9″ square but can be trimmed by the winner of the blocks to the size desired.

 Hourglass block with two different prints.

Have fun with this block and bring some to the February meeting for the Block Lotto.  Every block is worth one ticket on the draw!  Note that only nine of these blocks and a bit of border would make a wheelchair quilt for Penny N’s challenge.


  • Missouri Star – has a YouTube tutorial of Jenny Doan showing how to make the Hourglass block from 10″ layer cake squares.  She irons a line instead of drawing a line when marking the HST’s.
  • Generations quilt patterns has a tutorial which includes a size chart.
  • Diary of a Quilter – Amy has a tutorial.

Happy Quilting,
Marilyn C

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