October 2017 – Migrating Geese Block

Our second block which will be the Migrating Geese block.  This block was suggested by Les O.  The YouTube video listed  in the RELEVANT WEBSITES below has excellent hints for making this block.


You will need white for the background and three different fabrics in one colour for the geese.  Your choice of colour.  These materials will make two blocks.

  • 6 white 5 7/8 ” squares
  • 1 white 3 1/2 ” square
  • 3 fabrics of one colour, cut 1 — 6 1/4″ squares of each of the 3 fabrics


Cut each of the 3 coloured squares in half diagonally.  These are the geese.

Place the triangles on the white squares, sew along the short sides of the triangles, and cut diagonally as shown.

Press the seam towards the coloured triangle. This is the point at which Deb marks the corners of the seams.

Take apart one segment.   Starting with the goose from the segment you have unpicked lay out the blocks before sewing so that you can plan the placement of the coloured triangles (geese).

Start sewing from the bottom, begin with the coloured triangle from the segment you have taken apart.  Arrange five more segments.  And end with the white triangle from the same segment.

Note that there are right and left hand pieces, ie., it helps to look at the illustrations as you assemble the block.  You will have 6 geese.

Cut the 3 1/2″ square along the diagonal and finish off each block with one of the triangles.  The block measures 8″ by 15 1/2″ when finished.

I will be demonstrating this block at the October meeting.  Bring your blocks to the November meeting for the lotto.  One ticket for each block!


  • Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 – has an excellent YouTube video with many hints.  The size of squares is different but the hints are the same.
  • Quilting Board – Migrating Geese or Staggered Geese posted by a member of the forum.  This site gives a formula for sizes of the squares.

Happy quilting,
Marilyn C